Sunday, April 18, 2010
Because I don't like you: Solange

Images courtesy of YBF

Yup, that's Solange Knowles, the extremely irrelevant younger sister of Beyonce. And when you aren't in graduate school, don't have a flourishing music career or aren't out to save the world and are living off of a seemingly never-ending stipend from your family(big sister) you have time to enjoy festivities such as Coachella. Like Solange, you have time to work on perfecting your skin to a golden maple, while toning your legs frolicking on the shores of exotic beaches. And like Solange, you'll be up on all of the latest trends such as mixing prints, high - waist flouncy skirts, belly tops, small quilted chain strap purses, multi-strap anti-gladiator sandals, head scarves and cat eye sunglasses. And like Solange, you are the dainty darling of Urban Outfitters, only with a designer flare. You know that dressing like you have seemingly no money/fashion sense will never fall out of favor in your scene.

But I can't deny that Solange looks great. And even though there's nothing original about this girl in the least, sometimes the simulacrum of the simulacrum ain't half bad.


Anonymous said...

Ya mon, jus' cus yu ain't at Coachella don't be hatin' on da pretti ladi.

Yu've got mure poison 'han a dzen blck mambas.

The Queen of Hearts said...

@ Anon: Honestly, you're hysterical.

InnyVinny said...


OooKellyNicky said...

I love Solange, in my opinion she is more beautiful than Beyonce. Yeah, she looks to cute. Great post!

my blog: ♥La Stylin Girraffe♥

Tip said...

haha!! love your wit more than anyone's.. And I was thinking the EXACT same thing about that bb jizz nail color, thank you!

Nataliexxx said...

lol! love the way you've written this

Emilie said...

Ahahah! Great post !

snoblak said...

I saw her with her mom at the Hyde Park restaurant last summer when I went in to order. Granted most folks didn't recognize at LEAST the mom, but yeah when Beyonce is your sister life must suck, so all you can do it enjoy the ride ;) LOL. But yeah this is the first time where I can say I like what she is wearing.

Roya + the Machine said...

This post was hilarious and you definitely just gained a new follower.

Pamela said...

really?? r u coming back????????
tell me tell me

The CultureCynic said...

I think she looks great and i actually fancy her. I don't think she is irrelevant, she definitely stands out. I don't think her point is to be original or unique or whatever with her style, but she is the alternative of the R &B diva, whether it is all her or orchestrated by a great 'non tina' stylist, none of it really matters because she looks great. and for me if you have your own thing going on...whatver that thing is, then you have the right to rock on.

Doyounoah said...

I really like Solange. Your right her style isn't original but then again whose is? Half of these celebs have stylists anyways!

I think cutting her hair was the best thing she could have ever done! #Teamsolange

Anonymous said...

I think she might actually have money of her own from djing (as a a celeb she prolly got good money for that), album sales from her handful of fans, voice overs, acting, getting paid to sit at fashion know random stuff requiring no work. I doubt she lives off of Beyonce.

Anonymous said...

i dont think she lives off her sis bey either (tho the perks must be nice!)..she used to write songs for beyonce and destiny's child (and who knows who else..), had 2 albums, and some endorsement deals(samantha thavasa, walmart, loreal, etc..)so she prolly has something of her own..

Anonymous said...

i find her outfit absolutely hideous. HIDEOUS. There is an art to mixing clashing patterns, different shapes, and textures and Solange is FAILING MISERABLY. UGGGGGGHHHH

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