Samuel Lang Budin: Eyewear Extraordinaire

Saturday, January 30, 2010
I am long overdue for a new pair of glasses. My three-year-old Prada frames have not only been through it all but they have seen it all. We've taken tumbles together in the streets of New York, been pushed into pools in New Jersey and have haunted various parts of the Western Hemisphere. And though I wear my battle scars with pride, reading street signs from a long distance is becoming near impossible. So what's stopping me from buying a new pair of glasses? 

No insurance + I'm insanely picky = eyewear stalemate

However, my friend Samuel might be able to help me with the second variable in that equation. You see, Samuel works at Fabulous Fanny's located at 335 East 9th Street (East Village) New York. 

Note. This is not your local Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision

I am definitely going to head over to Fabulous Fanny's for something a little different. The selection won't include any of the power houses but just might give me a "mysterious woman" boost. And with a legitimate vintage collection of eyewear (dating back to the 19th century), I'm sure I'll find a new pair that I won't see on a dozen New Yorkers on a daily basis. 

Check out Samuel here in action at Fabulous Fanny's in a recent DailyCandy feature on eyewear. The cardinal rules for finding the right frames for your face are:

1. Match the edge to hairline
2. Keep the brows above
3. Eyes in the center
4. Keep the frames off the cheeks

Thus spake Samuel. And here are some images of the eyewear god showing off  his collection: 


Anonymous said...

he's cute

Insomnia said...

Good look picking up a pair! Hope you find something you like quick :)

Vinda Sonata said...

super helpful tips! thanks for featuring this cute guy! <33

Rumi said...

This guy seems pretty rad. I really like the first pair; Yoko meets Elton.

dana said...

I too am on the hunt for a new pair. Such great guidelines! It is so hard to pick from the endless styles (both vintage and new) out there.

InnyVinny said...

I wish you were in L.A. - I'd take you by my favorite eyeglass spot.

On that note, when you come to L.A., I'm taking you by my favorite eyeglass spot.

I am glad he gave those guidelines, though. I was wondering why the ones I have seemed...a little off. LOL.

Anonymous said...

He's incredible. Such a gifted and well spoken young man.

Anne said...

i love samuel!!!!!
and fannys is the best!
patrick got his glasses from fanny's. miss you, patrick.

Cherelle said...

This might be a little late, but i just discovered your blog.
Anyway, walmart has a cheap eye exam for around 60 bucks. You can get your prescription there and then purchase your glasses elsewhere ( f you aren't anti walmart). I know how it is to be in need of new glasses without insurance.

jenn dlv said...

No fucking way!

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