You're such a barbie! @ 2b bebe

Sunday, March 14, 2010
Though I'm not a bebe girl, I can appreciate their edgy clothing lines and high-impact advertising campaigns. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the bebe brand, envision playfully sensual dresses and tops along with highly evocative evening wear. Shy girls, prepare to leave your inhibitions at the door because a bebe girl is assertive, sexy and stylish in her own right. 

During a recent shopping trip with my friend Jasmina to 2b bebe, (bebe's outlet with the signature looks of bebe at great values) I shot these images while we tried on a few party pieces for fun. Here is one of the looks Jasmina tried that I quite liked; there's nothing like a floral tulip dress with a sweethearted bodice to send me into a whirl of warm spring thoughts and feelings. 

P.S. -- this dress retails for $34.99. Ridiculous.


Morgan said...

i really like tha dress* and the boots are even cuter.

ive been followin ur blog...its cute*

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Amber said...

I'm not bebe girl either...but I want to go shop with you!! xoox

Dubai's it girl said...

My mom, who is my stylist, absolutley hates bebe! She wont let me wear anything form there because too many girls in Dubai shop there. However my aunt (who is ony 23) loves bebe, and she slways looks fabulous when we go out clubbing.

The dress if lovely. I would buy it if I could! LOL

Tc, Nia B

lepetitmerstyle said...

i really like tha dress,ive been followin ur blog, muakss

imane said...


cheeky girl