From Lower East [Si]beria, with love @ Jeremy Laing Fall 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010
I love presentations during fashion week. They are so much more intimate and tangible compared to runway. The latter only allows you a few fleeting moments with the piece and then again during the finale. With a presentation, you can spend time going over the details and how the collection either comes together or falls apart. Jeremy Laing's Fall 2010 Presentation for women was my clear favorite. And excuse me as I get my Rachel Zoe on for a moment here and openly say that I "die[d]" for every single piece. His collection was absolute "perfection" and I would love to "shut it down" during Fashion Night Out this September in one of his leather jackets. 

Prepare to eat your heart out Rick Owens because you are so 2009. 

And though I am not a supporter of fur, I can appreciate the pieces despite my personal views. The collection presented tundra friendly looks with a grungy lower east side flare. Military jackets over-top asymmetrical tops, harem trouser pants, peasant dresses, rich oceanic and earth tones in the prints and leathers, anklebootsankleboots ankle-boots, lots of layering and a generous serving of fur. For Fall 2010, Laing wants to keep you warm but looking absolutely incredible at the same time. I will be the first one to admit, it was difficult to break the pea coat--wrap scarf--leather riding boots cycle during the cold months. Now, I have options (excluding the fur) that include layering a non-traditional leather with seemingly kitschy wovens, loose skinny pants as opposed to denim and suede ankle boots so that my calves can breathe. 

Side: and how stunningly exquisite are the models? Whoever did the casting for this show was spot-on with the aesthetic. They were intriguingly unassuming; the more I looked at them, the further drawn in I became. 

The Collection for Fall 2010 
[Click on the images for a full screen view]

Head shots

Gallery view

 All Fashion Week images were taken by yours truly unless otherwise noted. I'd like to thank Canon for my totally awesome Rebel XSi.


Anonymous said...

This was fucking brilliant! I love coming here for your reviews Queen. Your perspective is most refreshing (as well as your LACK of self-indulgence). Hear Hear for the Black Queen!

Anonymous said...

*No offense to being referred to as "black" I just thought that would be more appropriate than the "red" queen from the story.


Great post!! I'm very impressed with this collection -- I love the statement hemlines. The head shots are really cool too! Superb designs.. Really, thanks for posting this! :)


Alona Vibe Vestergaard Andersen said...

Thanks for you comment on my (very new) blog, it's nice.
by the way, I think you're blog is really cool! good job!


Christopher said...

The photos look great.
PS It's the guy you met at the showing of Jeremy, hope all is well

Mouthwash said...

beautiful photography! I was so surprised when I saw that it was you who took these photos. Lovely job. This collection is incredible. So glad that you got to FW. I was so sad I didn't.


Victoria-H said...

:) Thanks ^^
Nice pictures, and yess the models are gorgeous :P
Take care

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos and great review! This collection is just so amazing and unique. Love it!

i m i n t o t h e l o o k said...

I've answered in my blog
But in case you didn't read it here it is

"The Queen of Hearts unfortunately it's a national brand, so you can only get it here in argentina! Do you mind travelling? haha"

Thanks on your comment about my boyfriend and I :) Have a nice week!

LIZ-piration said...

Amazing shots! I wish I could attend all these events! :) xo

inked said...

I love those close up shots!

Dubai's it girl said...

WOW! I love all of it. I wish his pieces were in Dubai. Hot or not, I would wear them here in Dubai anyway. Did you take these photos? Fabulous!

sewa mobil said...

beautiful girls
nice article
i really like it

InnyVinny said...

*RuPaul voice*


Dude. This...this is just amazing. The not-so-in-your-face color palette, the TEXTURES, the draping, the shapes. Holy shit. Wow. Wow.

I am not a fash-week kind of girl, but this gets me excited about clothing. Hot damn. Great recap.

Hannah ♥ said...

Oh my god, this collection is amazing! Love it all!



CCWai said...

The hat in the first pic looks adorable!
Like the hoodies too.

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