Pursuit of Happiness

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dress: T-Bags
Shoes: Balenciaga

Pardon my return to shameless self-shots with my digital camera, dusty mirrors, awkward self-poses and a peak-a-boo bra. I was too excited about this T-Bags Beaded Necklace Dress to care about the formalities of popular fashion blogging. It just feels so good to put something on and feel absolutely amazing in it. It also feels good to know that one of your favorite brands has returned with a season of drool-worthy pieces, all heavy with beading and intricate patterns. Thank you T-Bags for creating the perfect day-and-night dress for the not-so-girlie girls like myself. You've managed to keep it basic enough for the uniform wearing crew (i.e. t-shirt, denim/leggings and flats) with a serious KAPOW  in the regal neckline. Anticipate some more photographs of me in this dress in future posts, especially when I'm in Los Angeles in a few weeks -- I need to give this baby as much exposure as possible. 

Checkout the rest of the T-Bags Spring 2010 Collection here. Trust me chicas y chicos, you won't be disappointed. 


Anonymous said...

Awesome dress! Looks amazing on you!

Tip said...

loooove the dress!! & ur epic shoe collection doll!! u look great!

Niika said...

cute dress..love the shoes

Style, She Wrote said...

Dress is so hot and you look fab!

el_martina said...

love your dress!!

Amber said...

Wow looking hot!! Those shoes are amazing!!

Dubai's it girl said...

That dress is ethnic chic! Love all of it!

Morgan said...

you look AMAZING!!
i love that dress...ive neva seen anything like it.
I'm def about to check out this Tea Bag website*

love the blog*

WendyB said...

Normally I disapprove of any clothes with built-in jewelry (doesn't do my business much good) but this one is beautiful.

InnyVinny said...


This dress is gorgeous, you look gorgeous in said dress and are right: it's not too girlie in all the right ways.


bestmich said...

Yea, you look hot.

Bucca said...

you look great! I love your outfit xx

Emilie said...


Glendy said...

The dress is FAB!!! You look amazing, I also love the front detailing :)

Much love,
Glendy <3

stephanie said...

You look gorgeous! Those shoes were
MADE for you!!!!

As for the converse, i'm really coveting the blue low top pair so that would be my first suggestion to you :) Plus i think they would go with just about anything which is always a plus!


rk hall said...

I would have never guessed that dress was T-bags! Love the beaded neckline! + your legs are to die for!

xx Rach

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