Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Look Good, Do Good / Earthquake Relief for Haiti and Chile

Starting today until April 12th, save 25% on all purchases (with a few exclusions) at Rugby Online & in Rugby stores and Rugby will donate on your behalf, 10% of the total sales to the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund in support of the recovery efforts in Haiti and Chile. Enter GIVERL at checkout to save and donate. 


SANDRA said...

HI!! Thanks for the sweet comments on 5 inch and up! and sorry for being slow on the response! I got the boots at joseph in london.. they have a small separate shoe store and these where on sale + last pair, I just had to get them rigth?? :)

much love sweetie!

sandra at http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/

Pennerad said...

i still dunno what this post is about...i just keep staring at dapper dan over there with the bowtie.

Pennerad said...

okay. looked awake. that's an incredible cause!
gonna try to get folks on board.

Marine said...

your blog is so great => I'm a follower now =D

jim kill said...

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