Wednesday, April 28, 2010
The Shitty City Returns 
 Oh the unmitigated fakery of it all!

More fantasy than The Neverending Story: Whitney Port opens this episode discussing her upcoming Whitney Eve show during New York Fashion Week. At Bryant Park. Under the infamous tents. With a front row slated to be packed with industry who's who. You know, something that every aspiring designer in the world only has wet dreams about. And though 99.9% of the designers who show at fashion week usually spend several months preparing for this very moment, WhitWhit has approximately a week to take her 17 piece "collection" (see Season 2 for its verbal destruction from editors and buyers for being grossly underdeveloped) to a full 24. And put together a show for fashion week. At Bryant Park. Under the infamous tents. But we're not talking about what's going on in the real world -- rather in MTV's fashion Fantasia, where "aspiring" designers like WhitWhit can come into fashion week, riding high on the back of a dragon dog, with an amazingly cohesive collection, in a matter of days. [cue the music from the soundtrack!]

At Elle, hell has frozen over -- time to get out the skates: My girl Erin has decided to open up her ice cold heart and allow a for truce with Olivia Palermo for the sake of Elle. Of course, they are still going to fight, I mean, why else would Olivia still be "working" at Elle? (cough/free publicity for Elle during a major nationwide publications crisis/cough) I also see Joe Zee managed to locate his white-gold plated balls and put these bickering broads in their respective places! No ultimatums from Erin and no interrupting J. Zee when he's talking Olivia! For now, we're done. Thank you

The return of the god, Kelly Cutrone: I'm soooo glad that Kelly is on board for WhitWhit's fashion debut. You know, someone with sage advice like, " it's weeks and weeks of prepping and then in 3 minutes its over. It's like a bad fuck" and "let me tell you something, if this show doesn't go well, you're fucked" oh and this jewel, "average people like to be average, you know? Nobody bothers them." While WhitWhit is soaring around the city in Jimmy Choos, Malandrino dresses on the back of dragon dog, Kelly is here on earth, where fashion shows are happening and require focus and preparation. Kelly doesn't have time for fantasy and finding the self. She wants to make MONEY.

Stop ta-ta-talking that blah, blah, blah: From accessories editor to journalist, Olivia only reaffirms her uselessness. Way to ask the tough questions O! @ Anna Sui after her show during New York Fashion Week: "What was your inspiration for this season?" [because Anna Sui hasn't been ask THAT question by EVERY SINGLE JOURNALIST ON EARTH] "With such a big year and you won the CFDA award and I was there..." [That's not a question. Jigga Man asked you to ask QUESTIONS. Further, this interview is about Anna Sui and not about your cameo at the CFDAs] "And that's wonderful and will you say hi to for us?" [Snooze] If Elle wants to have a wing and a prayer of getting people to their website (and buying their magazine), find a real journalist to cover the major events or someone with a personality, someone with some attitude...someone like moi?? 


Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you for bringing this feature back to your blog

i can live again

Amber's Notebook said...

I don't watch the hills i mean the city but umm your recap was amazing

anchiru said...

hey thanz for comment my blog :D, I like your post about H&M battle of the bands, simply cause it's a good ad and lou look amazing their <33

mine if you follow me and I follow your back? thanz be4 :))

Emilie said...

Love that post! I watch the City, it's one of my guilty pleasures ahah, even if I know that IT'S NOT A REALITY SHOW! I agree with 100 % of what you said!

Amandita said...

I havent watch the episode yet,,, lol i kinda cannot wait for it lol.. But hey guess what I did the look that u asked for a couple a days ago... Sorry it took me a while but here it is and I hope u like it =)

Afrika said...

LOL this is hilarious. I don't watch these shows but my sisters were obsessed with The Hills at one point. The most hilarious part of it all is that people actually think these shows depict real life events LOL. I personally think Lauren Conrad should have won as emmy for best actress because she is the most believable character.

InnyVinny said...

I know this isn't the Hills, but I'll go ahead and say "you're welcome" anyway:,channelID:179855,order:FEATURED,hint_editorial:home%2fshuffle/1,5002891

tenisharayshel said...

haha i love this!!

Vicky K. said...

i have olivia... she's such a bitch!!!! but I love to watch the city though.. =)

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