Monday, April 26, 2010

Images courtesy of Fashion Bananas 

 Images courtesy of The Haute Pursuit

WHO DARES TO TAINT? H&M's The Garden Collection

A few weeks ago, H&M released their now infamous line The Garden Collection. I saw pieces from the collection around on various bloggers but wasn't completely sold. That was, of course, until I saw a recent post from Wendy B. that turned my Monday afternoon upside down. The Garden Collection is H&M's new environmentally conscious line constructed with organic cottons, linens and recycled polyester (I know, gasp) re-woven from old garments. And what's more, the organic cottons and linens were grown without the use of toxic chemicals and the recycled polyester was made from (get this) PET bottles or environmentally safe textile waste. 

For painting my roses red, H&M may keep their head(s). Coming soon: the Queen's new jacket courtesy of Lauren Christine


WendyB said...

Happy to have inspired you!

Amber said...

gahhh I wanted that jacket and the rose dress

misss_e said...

Im painting my toenails red...does that count?

Vicky K. said...

i love it... you definitely have to get one piece!!!

Debrah said...

Fab jackets!