Wednesday, June 16, 2010
It's about to be a (what) girl fight / Rihanna's Louboutins

Dear Rihanna, 

Those are some pretty amazing Louboutin's you've got there. I have yet to see them in store, online or on anyone else's feet for that matter. Were they custom made? I bet they were, for you, being the all important rock star that you are (ooo baby). I must admit, I'm more than jealous -- I'm hateful. While I slave away at my 9-5, you get to frolic and play in El-ey in shoes that probably retail around $1500 USD. Or the cost of you getting your sixteenth tattoo at some nondescript (and now famous) salon in the East Village, New York. And what's worse? Because you're a cele-brat-t, those shoes will never see the light of day and vanish into your ridiculous shoe archive of expensive-as-shit-shoes-I've-only-worn-once. UGH. So please, do the right thing and give those babies to ME.

Off with your head,
The Queen of Hearts


♥B said...

Ha I love that song.

Such gorgeous well said!


SAM said...

wow she looks amazing minus the hair!! im not happy with her we tryed booking her for our Aug campain and she said $400,000 is her starting price grrrrr the Pussy cat dolls where $300,000 and there are 5 girls!!

:) x

Adi Ki said...


i cant remember why. BUT I WAS INTO IT IM SURE.

and yep. this post speaks DEEP DEEP truth

Polished Girl said...

Too funny. The shoes are hot though!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes were available at Barney's NY but are now sold out.

Silvia Couture said...

wow..I would feel like a princess in those!! Great post it made me smile!


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