Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Birthday Wishes / Shoe Dreams 

My birthday is coming up ::cough::August 14::cough:: and I've been thinking about what I want, what I really really want, and quite a few pairs of shoes come to mind. Here's pretty much what I need to see on my feet for this coming fall and eternity:


Roya said...

I have a pair of Clinics... such beatiful shoes, I love them lol.

But I too am craving some motorcycle boots hardcore... either the JC Briut Boot or the Frye Engineer (I'm leaning towards the Frye boots.)

Hope you get at least one of these beauties for your bday!

Fashion-rocks said...

cute shoes, i hope you get what you want for your birthday.

agnes said...

la 1er et 6ème paires me font littéralement craquées.

Catherine said...

Especially love the Jeffery Campbell Solvang Clog. Shame I have zero money.

bestmich said...

I don't see those $900 leather shoes from Intermix. I think you're setting the bar too low.

kim said...

all of them are gorgeous, I'm so tempted to buy some shoes but I'm trying to be good. I have the Clinis, so hot!

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InnyVinny said...

I could have sworn you just bought that first pair...no?

Martina said...

Ufff the jeffrey campbell ones are just to die for. I purchased two different moderls of this brand a couple weeks ago and even when I'm still waiting for them I think it's been one of the best decissions of my life (a bit too much, I know)

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