Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dove Chocolate commercial at Gary's Apartment / New York

A few months ago, Ely and I were invited to check out the set for Dove's current chocolate commercial. You will probably recognize bits from these images as they were taken from the various sets used in the current commercial. The concept was, in a word, imperfection and how flaws can be beautiful + empowering. Prop master Jeff gave Ely and I pretty much free rein and we checked out everything -- I even had a little impromptu photoshoot of my own with the prop guys (extremely embarrassing). And take a gander at the location -- Gary's Apartment. It's a two-floor, double elevator, thousands of square feet space that is rented for commercial use. Seriously, if I were to live in NYC again, in my own sort of fantasy-baller way, Gary's Apartment would be it. Think french countryside home condensed into a sprawling penthouse in Manhattan. White walls, wooden floors, antique everything --  Gary's Apartment is the stuff that dreams are made of: 


Josephine said...

nice ! You skin looks great.

EBoogie said...

what an incredible space! and i love your pictures! what camera are you using these days?