Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Fame + Fashion Bloggers

I will preface what I'm going to say with the bloody obvious: this is my blog and I can say whatever I want so, if you think you'll be offended, please feel free to press the [x] in your top left or right screen corner and/or leave me a comment. 

I've been particularly disgusted with what I've been seeing in the fashion blogger world. From fashion bloggers becoming "celebrities" to legions of young women and men, trolling behind a vapid, fame-whoring, aspiring model. I just don't get it. For me, fashion blogging is about sharing with the world my thoughts, images and ideas. The fact that there are 300+ of you that care about what I have to share at all impresses me every day and I am extremely thankful for that. However, I can't imagine posting, day after day, endless photographs of the 'cool and amazing' outfit that I scripted for a photoshoot in a trendy setting, thanks for my aspiring photographer boyfriend/best friend for thousands of people to drool over. Where's the fun in that? What do I gain from idol worship? 
Wait, those last two questions were completely stupid -- I know precisely what one stands to gain from mindless idol worship: F A M E + M O N E Y. And maybe I'm just bitter because I don't have piles of cash pouring into my bank account for representing brands I either loathe or don't know anything about because I'm a poor law student with shit-to-do but it is still something to marvel at. 

I mean think about it for a moment: who the hell has time to post every single day, photographs in a field of tall grass, underneath some abandoned bridge, in front of shops in Meatpacking/Soho/insert trendy shopping area in NYC here, without being independently wealthy? Like I separate the obviously wealthy bloggers from those just "trying to make it." In the former class, you have the girls who pretty much buy every single thing they see in Vogue, wear the looks almost precisely as they appeared on the runway or in an ad and hire some photographer to snap them looking as incredible as ever in their new duds (for that particular day). In the latter class, however, they tend to shop at these so called "vintage" stores that also carry deplorable brands like Forever21, pile on the accessories and essentially mimic whatever the Olsen has done before them. Goodness! Sounds like I've generated a formula for instant fashion blogger success! Well, let me add a few more necessary requirements:

1) You must be tall and thin if you want to be explosively famous in the fashion blogger world. I've only come across ONE blogger that isn't at the very least thin (and am ever impressed at her success considering how insanely superficial the fashion world is). 

2) You must be the general standard of beauty. You know, anglo-esque features, long hair, perfect skin. The goal is to be what the vast majority of your readers are not, therefore, they worship you like a god.

3) If you can't afford to buy the help, date him or her. One cannot have a successful blog without some budding sartorialist in the bedroom. And if you can't shoot the magic realism, make yourself familiar with the fabulous world of photoshop (you know, because everybody's doing it). 

4) You can't have proper employment. You need time to spend searching for the perfect location, lighting, meaningless activity to be documented "doing." There's nothing fashionable about having a proper 9-5 like the rest of the commoners. 

5) You must shop until you drop. What I find most impressive I think about these explosively famous fashion bloggers, is their insatiable appetite for clothing consumption. Granted, the vast majority of their possessions are gifted to them by press hungry companies but for the remainder of their freshly acquired wardrobes, dolla-dolla bills y'all are being spent. I mean, we're having a fucking recession and I see brand new Alexander Wang bags popping up all over the place like they are raining from the sky. 

And these women will get front row seats at all of the exclusive shows not because they are personal style mavens, as the vast majority of them not. They will get the seats because they have thousands of small-minded people lusting after the "this is not real life" lives that they lead. Lives that are afforded to them because of these very fucking people. And the vapid with beget the vapid, further disassociating from whatever self that may have ever existed. I don't get it. Or maybe I do but it sure as hell frustrates me. Whatever -- I'm ovulating and crabby because I have a tuition bill to fret over.


InnyVinny said...


I think the beauty and original intention of fashion/style blogging has been lost and gone the way of the magazine. That it's more about pushing a product than an idea or a point of view. This saddens me.

Now take a nap.

Brittani said...

Hi, this is my first time reading your site. I agree with everything you said. It's really annoying that these bloggers are getting so much attention when there are really good writers out there that love fashion and want to write about it. I hope that this trend dies off soon. I can't help but laugh at the fact that people are taking a thirteen year old's advice about fashion seriously. None of the popular fashion bloggers are interesting and it's obvious that designers are giving them clothes.

As far as designers go, I don't care who sits in your front row. As a consumer it would be nice if you could give me a wearable collection that is available to me.

I write for a friend's website so I am not hating on bloggers. It's just that none of them are really saying or doing anything of substance. Even if i'm just making fun of some silly celebrity, I put a lot of thought into it.

Kirstie. said...

Everything at some point becomes a trend. Bloggers are the newest celebrities.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say I LOVE YOU!!!!! Everything up here I've mentioned to my boyfriend (who by the way can barely operate a camera) about a month ago. I really like your point 5. So many young girls who are looking up to these fashion bloggers are establishing from an early point their spending habits. I pray that they don't end up in super debt trying to keep up with the "Jones".

natural-belle said...

omg!!!! so true! its not just the fashion bloggers believe me! but they seem to be the one's getting the most press! there was a time when blogging was about real girls and guys who love something so much they need to find an outlet for it! a break from everyday life! were we get to be who we want to be! that 20 something girl who work a 9-5 in some "2 pay the bills" job! expressing what she loves genuinely! there are so many blogs i just bypass becuase the girl looks cracked out or she is just trying to sell me something i can't afford! or worse showing me how pretty she is and how her trust fund has just paid out and the fashion intern ship that turned into a full time editors job is sooooo hard!?!?! yeah right! the worst are the one's who don't even start like that! the ones that start fresh faced and basic then they are eaten up by the cooperate machine! i can't open a magazine without seeing some fashion blogger telling how to dress like every other blogger out there! kirstie is so right everything becomes a trend eventually! ive been reading blogs for 8 years and writing one since 2007 i'm not "successful" but i still love it! love your blog btw xxxx (sorry i'm ranting to just that u hit the nail on the head!)

elisse said...

Good post!! Im from Finland and here 'the-most-famous-bloggers-rules' goes like that too.

Snow Black said...

I love your point of view !! So true. It's the same thing I see in fashion as a model. Tall, thin blonde girl (most of the time) will get to be Prom Queen or in this case "Blog Queen" and the rest of us minions are to follow in her footsteps. And yeah some of them will end up doing a design collaboration and it's as if they think they are up there with the likes of Alexander McQueen. It's just like with Twitter and a whole bunch of other inventions where people are going to try and get famous. But then again those who deserve the attention, good for them.

JIN said...

what a powerful piece.

Anonymous said...

My first time on this blog and all i can say is WOW! GREAT JOB...totally agree

Eva Ana said...

I rarely read fashion blogs cuz the girls just appologize for being absent or write about their DAILY shopping. Daily, really?! Who pays the electricity bills? Not you, you just bought three pairs of shoes..

Κατερίνα said...

You can really hear my thoughts.....totally agree with everything you have write...most of the times when I read fashion blogs I ask my it possible to go out like that?
and then why do I read blogs and not read the Vogue???
The best part in blogging is the originality of the originality/taste of the author that makes the differnce!!

Jas said...

wooow...this post just got you an immediate follow. i completely agree. this is the whole problem with lookbook too...even the site itself is like 'head to toe pictures!' it's just frustrating...everyone's a fucking model now. i like to post a certain piece or part of an outfit..i'm not trying to be an at home kate moss, you know? ugh..this just couldn't be more true..i'm posting this entry to my tumblr

Roya said...

I love this post. I must admit that I do post outfits on my blog but there have been so many times where I come across a blog and I cannot believe that everyday, they are waring something brand new - there are girls who will never post the same item of clothing twice. They wear it once then post it in their shop after one wear, selling ti at basically the same price they bought it. it just shows not only that they can't afford their lifestyle, but that they expect their readers to finance it. Not to mention the time that goes into taking those photos and editing them, and somehow they always happen to be somewhere picture perfect? Shit like that takes time. I can't help but think "Don't they have a job? Something else to do?"
I personally find it crazy that some bloggers can get exceptionally famous for posting a few photos and a sentence under it once or twice a week. I like it when a blogger actually takes time to write a paragraph about their day/inspirations behind their outfits/opinions about the world or even CRAZIER - talk about something other than fashion or what they're wearing.

But seriously, posts like this are why I read your blog. Stay angry, we love it. <3

Dee said...

I agree to this with every bone in my body & I've been thinking about this the more I go on these blogs. People are so narcissistic and the sad part is, it's all the people visiting their blogs that are giving them the fuel! Some people are like balloons, sometimes we need to be gassed up by somebody in order to stand tall. And most of these people can't even write to save their lives! Blogging is a dying art indeed but thankfully, there are some few TRUE people who can revive it :)

feel free to check out my blog by the way lol

Anonymous said...

first i must say I love your blog. LOVELOVELOVE. you really have 301 follwers because I don't "follow" you (no blogger account) i have u saved in my favorites.

the thing that is refreshing about your blog (besides your originality) is your opinion/commentary. its so refreshing.

i think most fashion blogs are boring *yawn* there are a few that are not... and those that aren't have managed to capture what makes the olsen's famous. NOT copying their style but wearing outlandish things that they got from who knows where that no one else wears... yet it works.

enough rambling.

i love your blog.

keep on keepin on

Delmy said...

Good job! Well said.

Miss Pheenix said...

Hey There!

I recently started reading your blog (love it by the way :) and I think it's so crazy that you posted this because I just wrote a post on my blog acknowledging that I had fallen into the rut of trying to be a so-called typical "fashion blogger".

Admittedly, when I started my fashion blog (I already write a design blog), I had good intentions, but I'm quite pissed at myself for starting to get all wrapped up in every point you just made. Granted, I'm not rich, I'm not Anglo by any means, I work M-F 9-5 in a blasted cubicle, and I don't get free swag...I guess what I'm trying to say is that I almost fell into the trap of trying to make my blog as close to those you were critiquing - in the sense of trying to find "cool" locations to shoot and trying to keep up with daily outfit posts - NOT in the sense of shopping everyday (cause my pocketbook has other responsibilites) and NOT in acting as if I'm ruled by copping a pair of the latest Louboutins (which I'm not really a fan of anyway).

Needless to say, I was lost, but now am found and now my fashion/life blog is just as much me as my design blog is... I post when I feel like it, I'm not worried about daily outfit postings, and I'm not keeping my bitter sense of humor to myself anymore!

Josephine said...

Great post ! So accurate, your point of view is refreshing. I had a regular/ about me type blog for a year or so, a few months ago I wad inspired by gabby to start a "fashion" blog because I am a size 14 black girl and we are underepresented. Love your blog, keep the awesomeness coming. Also it would be great if you did a post on good places to thrift in NYC.

Brownsugar... said...

LOL. This post just made me absolutely LOL.

'The vapid will beget the vapid'.

But it's really true, you know? I thought it was about creativity, not who can buy the most expensive shirt... or whatever.

LOL again!

Kristy said...

very well said and I admire you for having the courage to write this :)

Here's what I want to say:
1. Every "fashion" blogger worships Alexander Wang and wants to look like Erin Wasson. Both are very overrated and they make me sick!
2. "their insatiable appetite for clothing consumption" SO TRUE. Every blogger calls herself a shopaholic and is proud of it. That's so unhealthy!
3. I'm sick of bloggers who beg for followers and chase down sponsorships. It's just like a highschool popularity contest.

keep up the good work! I'm glad I stumbled upon this post and your blog :)

ABIGAIL NY said...

blogger tavi and a small majority have been noticed by talent, anyway read an article where a blogger talked about how she was in serious debt because she had to keep up with trends for her blog, sounds like a confessions of a shopaholic type movie right?:) well we can't all live like them and although it's there choice to live that life, I'm fine with mine and willing to ask my parents/save the dough for that jeffrey campbell
GREAT POST!+ great post above this one.

kim said...

well said, I've often wondered the same things.

clothes are cute

harps said...

I think you've expressed what a lot of people are thinking right now. Fashion blogging has become a mad popularity contest, with the number of comments you get being the best indicator of how 'cool' you are. So many mindless sheep in this world, and they don't even realise it! I just wish people were more creative, more true to themselves rather than trying to emulate what's hot right now.

Lily said...

Great post. The fashion blogger world is fucked up in general. Glad there are other people who realize that. Still, I don't think I could ever leave...

duckalicious said...

right on, babe. I despise the crap some people showcase on their blogs.

p.s. don't hate me cause my boyfriend is my photographer! =D

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