Monday, October 25, 2010

Buyer Beware: Jeffrey Campbell Brit Review

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with the Jeffrey Campbell Brit boots. You'll recall that earlier this year, I was dying for my own pair the moment I laid eyes on them at a friend's apartment. I even went so far as to dedicate an entire post, detailing my love for the laid-back style and comfort of the boots. Unfortunately, style and comfort do not overshadow QUALITY, and after just under 2 months of on-and-off wear, here are some images of my Brits:

My primary concern with the construction of the boots is the fact that body of the leather that meets the sole is lifting. In fact, it started lifting just 2 weeks after I received them. And no, unlike other bloggers, I did not receive these boots for free. I shelled out the $230.00 USD for them. $230.00 USD for visibly glued together seams and annoyingly slouchy leather. And the icing on the cake? Made in China, though shopbop has the boots listed as "imported." I guess even shopbop acknowledges the stigma.

I reached out to Jeffrey Campbell shoes via twitter TWICE about my decomposing boots but they failed to respond. Not surprised considering that I was sharing a frustration with their product, rather than sharing photographs of me frolicking in some field like a friggin' jobless nymph with no discernible appetite for food, but a look that Erin Wasson would love WHILE wearing a FRESH PAIR OF JEFFREY CAMPBELL shoes. Thankfully, I have a blog that I can properly rage on about crap quality and my refusal to further subscribe to crap quality. 

So, if you're looking to burn $200+ USD (or the comparable amount in your respective currency) on a pair of stylish, comfort and quality boots, please see the Frye Engineer Boots:

I've had those Frye Engineer Boots for approximately the same amount of time as the Brits but have worn them significantly more. I've probably clocked (at least) 40 miles in them already and compare the soles between the Brits and the Engineers -- no contest. I almost never wear my Brits anymore; I'm afraid they'll melt right off of my feet! 

What say you -- do you own the Brits? The Engineers? Both? Speak! I want to hear your thoughts.


Roya said...

I own the Engineers and I'm in love with them. They're sturdy and durable and I know they'll age beautifully - because I'll be wearing them for a very long time. So worth the 200+ Canadian I paid for them.

I died when you made the crack about jobless nymphs running in fields - it's so true. All these JC girls, I have to wonder - where do they even wear half this shit?

Yakitori said...

I would like both pairs, but yeah. I don't have 230 bucks to toss out on a single pair of shoes. Especially if the Brits are going to do that. I'm hard on my boots. That's def not a good look. :(

Silvia_C said...

CUTE BOOTS! I'm looking forward in seeing them in one of your outfits!!

The Style Hive said...

Wow never considered the Brits but had the Frye ones on my list of must buys for next winter (spring here in NZ).

That's ridic how they didn't reply to you when you caught them out on this!

Anonymous said...

I luuuv the Fryes, it sucks that those Brits didn't work so well:(

Emmett Katherine said...

You are not the 1st blogger I’ve come across who’s been unhappy with their Jeffrey Campbell purchase. Another blogger ordered JC wedges online and when they arrived they weren’t real leather (as led to believe by product description), the shoes stunk like plastic, and there was visible glue showing where the sole and body of the shoe were glued together. These reviews make me re-think about buying a pair from this brand.

Also this is why I like your blog, you're refreshingly honest.

Emilie said...

Love those!
To answer your question I bought my jacket at H&M, it was at the end of august but I think they still sell it!

KcomeKarolina said...

oh my! i'm shocked! and so sorry for your frustration :/
thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! i'm happy you liked my blog! remember you can keep in touch with my blog via blogger, bloglovin or facebook!

xoxo from rome

Ludget Delcy said...

Cant get over the Made in china part! lol

InnyVinny said...

Ok, I know you weren't surprised that they were made in China. I just know you weren't. Not as popular as they are....I mean.

Glad you aren't field frolicking. Must be nice to have time to do that. Yes, I'm hating. LOL.

And EWW at those soles. Absolutely unacceptable. I have some shoes made in China with soles that aren't half as bad and I've had them for longer. This is a travesty at any price point, but salt in the would for it being in triple digits.

Complain. Complaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!!!

simple christel said...

im in love!

Dee O. said...

Aww, that stinks that those boots aren't lasting as long as you hope...especially for the price! This just goes to show that price doesn't reflect quality after all...smh. They really shouldn't be looking like that already :(


Molten Mannequin said...

I feel your pain as well! I bought my brits from shop bop in the black and when i opened them the leather looked so cheap!!!!! There were scratches and markings and they did not look anything like the pictures!
I would have sent them back but i live in australia so the shipping would be expensive :(

Chic Therapy said...

that sucks!sowwy

Martina said...

Thanks to your post, recently I purchased two pairs of JC shoes (the famous litas and a pair of white wedges) and I cannot tell you how ridiculous it has been to finally have them with me. After a real odyssey yesterday I finally wore for the first time my wedges and, till now, I was really happy. I hope my shoes are well-made because I would not be very happy if, after paying a lot a lot a lot (plus 70 euros in taxes because I live in Europe and the shoes came from the US), my shoes dont last two months... I'll keep you updated

Jennifer said...

Love your post :) Just wanted to ask, did you have any problems with the size of the Brit boots? Do they run larger than usual like what most people say they do?

Anonymous said...

heyyy! thanks for the post!! i've been trying to decide what black boots to get and looked at both, especially because like you i actually have to dish out the cash to buy them too. this post helped me alottt, i bought the france boots and basicly dont wair them either just gave them to my sister. I used to love jc, but lately their shit has been getting to out of control...even for los angeles! and i agree about their quality...i keep mine in a dresser with glass over it


11d Supergravity said...

UGH. I loved these Brit boots too. I've had to return 3 pair to shop bop because the back heel falls off after a few wears. I won't be ordering a 4th pair either. I'm totally steamed because I love the styling on those boots. $230.00 is way too much for junk.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Not only are fryes 10X the quality of jeffery campbell, they will replace your boots no questions asked if the damage is a production malfunction!

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