Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The End is Nigh: H&M's Spring/Summer 2011

Guys, I'm pretty bummed. Fashion in 2010 didn't really blow my mind and I was hoping that the lack of creativity would end with the year. If H&M's Spring/Summer 2011 video is any indication as to what I have to look forward to in retail stores, I may be clinging to The Uniform for another year. H&M's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is a combination of 60s housewife: little summer suits with smartly tailored jackets and skirts, sleeveless dresses with open necklines to 70s one-piece, sleeveless sheaths. The lines look unflattering and just plain not fun. Can someone please produce some fashion that is worth dreaming about? 

1 comment:

Roya said...

Would it kill them to make this video half-decently interesting? The elevator music and excessive cross-fading is putting me to sleep.

Oh ya, and the clothes aren't exactly stimulating either.