Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Reason to be Beautiful: Gwen Stefani on the cover of Elle 

Image courtesy of Elle

Gwen Stefani is the definition of goddess. 
It is hard to believe that this woman, wife, mother of two, with an incredible music career spanning over two decades, also fronts and manages the very lucrative fashion lines L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers. And she does it all with a very radiant smile. 

While grocery shopping recently, I noticed the above cover image to the May issue of Elle magazine. Elle truly outdid themselves; the image is not only stunning but captivating. All of the other May magazine covers were pale in comparison. The May issue of Elle is their music issue, with pages filled with fashion and fashion details concerning not only well-known musical artists but up and coming artists as well. I love when major magazine feature up and coming artists; I can only stomach so much Lady Gaga and Beyonce these days. 

If any of you fabulous readers happen to own the copy of the May issue of Elle and want to comment on some of the pieces in it below, then you are more than welcome to do so. I will probably pick up the magazine in a week or so and do a post on a few of the pieces. 


Snow Black said...

I love the fact that she was this tough bad ass chick in cargo pants and not always the "look at me I am fragile and pretty" type. Ugh, love her to bits. And what is with the May covers? Even in England I am like WTF?

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

J said...

LOVE HER. she looks absolutely gorgeous in that above photo.

Roya said...

I know she's known for the bright red lips, but I always find her so much more stunning with the natural, paler lip shade.

And agree with you, she's amazing, as is this photo.

Natalie said...

wow she looks stunning!