Monday, June 6, 2011

[All of the lights] Patricia Field, New York City 

The internet has been buzzing with all of the Mac rumors and their latest progeny, iCloud but I want to share with you an acid-trip of a shopping experience that I had at Patricia Field. For those of you who aren't from NYC, haven't watched Sex and  the City and/or have been living underneath a rock for the last 20 or so years, Patricia Field is the end for all that is fashion styling and costume. Field's shop boasts of every possible accessory you can think of from rhinestone embellished bra tops to bondage-esque faux leather bottoms for men. And it doesn't matter what your personal style sensibilities are, there is something for everyone in Patricia Field. And if you thought the buck stopped with trinkets and embellishments, you're wrong. In addition to the friendly and knowledge sales associates, Patricia Field even has a full service beauty parlor downstairs, complete with vanity mirrors and of course, wigs galore. So if you're just visiting NYC and have about an hour to kill or are looking for the seemingly impossible (or the unusual), then you should head over to 302 Bowery and satisfy your fashion curiosity.

Don't think you'll have an opportunity to visit NYC? Never fear as Patricia Field is online


akiko said...

I really feel the sense of the store. Great photos! Love nyc and it's been a couple of years.. I definitely want to visit there next time :)

le sorelle said...

The store looks incredible! Love those Keith Haring hats.

sorelle in style

tailorstitch said...

woah! the store looks like a treasure cave!

The Corner Shop said...

This store sounds like it would be a great experience! :D


Charline said...

ooow, les photos donne vraiment envie d'y aller (l)

Cloudy said...

Wow, i love your blog, you are such a cutie!

I am your new follower!
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Love from Germany,
Cloudy von Cloud44

samantha rae said...

that girl's leopard hair is unbelievably awesome.

JTomas Fashion said...


calla said...

is it sad that i've lived in nj for almost 20 years and live 20 mins away from the city but have never been to patricia field?

...the answer, i think, is YES.