Saturday, September 3, 2011

[Indian Summer] Back to Basics

Images by Michael R. McMahan 

Don't get too used to outfit posts. I'm no model and am fortunate to have someone who doesn't mind documenting my less-than-amazing looks from time to time. I won't lie, I do enjoying getting my America's Next Top Model on in front of the camera. I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing and it's all real, well, except for my weave (although my weave is REAL hair). 

This summer I discovered Pleasure Doing Business (PDB). I absolutely love their bandage skirts. Normally, I'd only wear flouncy skirts because of my muscular legs but now, thanks to PDB, I can have fun with the body con look without a full-on body con dress. I look forward to their Fall 2011 with great anticipation. 

As for my holey Kain Label t-shirt, I just can't let it go. I have another Kain Label t-shirt and it is just as holey. As I'm sure you all know, Kain t-shirts don't come cheap so, if I'm going to spend the money, then I'm going to wear the t-shirt until it is unwearable. Holes doth not make a t-shirt unwearable (unless I have a job interview or something of the sort).  


Heart on a Shoe String said...

love the necklace and booties.. now following :):):)

MargieF said...

i always feel like i cant wear bandage skirts because me legs are just the same...ill have a look at these ones!
i love love love that YSL ring, ive wanted one for aaages

Camille Beaudet said...

those shoes are great!

almaa. said...

love your rings!

Caterina Salvietti said...

So cute your blog!
if you like enjoy my Estée Lauder giveaway:

xoxo Katy


Hey! Love the layout of your site and your shoes. Thanks for the truly sweet comment you left for me on my blog. I never started my page to become famous, it started as a fun hobby. Now it's just a fun job! :)


Parisian ShoeGals said...

This ring is beyond gorgeous! <3

ash said...

you are just way to fabulous!!

looooveee ur ringssss!

Lidiya said...

Gorgeous outfit, I adore your ring :)

Agora tô pronta said...

Hi, I love your blog.
The last one in mine, if you like we can follow each other.

style point said...

u r so dammmmmmsexy,,,how u r doing this!!!!???

Amélie said...

Thanks for your lovely comment :)
I love your rings and your shoes too :)


Deanna said...

I love this look. Especially the ring! And why would you worry about your legs? They look fabulous.

Joana said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment! :)
Gorgeous outfit and photos! Love your rings :) XO /JOANASNOTES

Eva said...

Lovely look, doll! Want your claw ring xoxo

The Honeyroom said...

Love the entire look and I definitely need your booties in my life:)

The Honeyroom

NRC♥ said...

Wow your heels are fab.

Sea Elise said...

oh my gosh I love your boots!! great post!!


Fashion Means Everything said...

you look beautiful in that outfit, you're too cute, I love your style

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