Friday, September 16, 2011

[New York Fashion Week] Wildfox Couture Presentation & Party 

Images courtesy of Wildfox Couture 

I honestly prefer presentations to runway shows. There's significantly less posturing involved and the attendee has an intimate experience with each look. 

I received an invitation to checkout Wildfox Couture Spring 2012 in The Library at the Soho House. I was pleasantly surprised and not by the collection but by my reaction towards the collection. I found myself falling in love with not only the whimsical pieces (e.g. large stars, sequins, tiered floor-length skirts, cozy knits) but the carefree, Southern California vibe of the presentation. All of sudden, I wanted to shake off my NYC attitude and "all black everything" wardrobe and slip on a slightly oversized shoulder bearing knit, tattered denim shorts and a pair of Frye boots. Wildfox offers up a flavor of bohemian that I can totally dig, especially with the free top that was included in my gift tote bag. 


Liana said...

awesome pictures! i love wildfox, they have such cool pieces!

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Kristen Blaire said...

I love WildFox! thanks for the awesome post :)

vivien-fashion said...

Great pictures and great posts. Lots of inspiration!

Ria said...

I went to their swim show in Miami and it was so good. They know how to throw a party/presentation. I wish I'd been able to go to their NY presentation but it was unfortunately held after I'd already left town. Bummer for me.