Tuesday, January 10, 2012
[Last Night's Party] From Casino to The Woods

Above are just some of the beautiful people present at Casino (formally the Ludlow Manor) and The Woods. In all of my years spent haunting the Lower East Side, I never once heard the name Ludlow Manor, so perhaps the invention of Casino was a good idea. Casino was about as dark and smokey as you'd imagine most any venue in Manhattan, particularly on the LES, filled with a crop of downtown folk. Dark nail polish, bright red lips, lace, and heavy metal arm candy were on pretty much all of the women. The men were varied: anywhere from tattoos and long hair to cleaner cuts with collared shirts and denim. The music was good but it wasn't consistent. I felt as though the DJ allowed the momentum of the evening to die entirely too early considering the amount of people present in the venue (they had to have been near capacity). Management may want to think on that for upcoming events. 

The Woods virtually never fails. Tucked away in a seemingly remote section of Williamsburg, The Woods is always packed with people who just want to dance. And those people will dance until the venue closes. The drinks were noticeably cheaper than Casino (I mean, we're in Brooklyn) so the combination of the two made for the perfect evening for fun with friends. And for those of you looking for somewhere to "post up" and look for the opposite sex, The Woods is not the place. Try the meat market at Union Pool (also in Williamsburg); it is much closer to a subway station/bridge so you can make your getaway with whatever is on that night's menu.