Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Last Night's Party] SNOCRU Apres Ski & Snowboard Party in NYC

Image courtesy of SNOCRU.

I was invited to the launch of SNOCRU, a free mobile app that connects you to the mountains.  The SNOCRU app was supposed be perfect for all of you snow bunnies out there -- you can check global snow conditions, connect with your friends on the mountain in real time, track your day on the slopes, and/or find the best apres party scene or a local shop. I thought the SNOCRU app sounded brilliant but my only question was, if there's no cellular service on the mountain, then how will you use the app in real time?

The event was hosted at Gallery Bar, one of my haunts on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
There was a complimentay bar with signature cocktails from William Grant & Sons. My drink for the evening, REYKA Vodka's delicious "White As Snow," quite possibly the smoothest vodka soda that I've ever had in my life. Apparently, Iceland is where it's at for crisp, smooth vodka. The next time you're out and thinking of grabbing a vodka drink, may I suggest you give REYKA a try. You'll be pleasently surprised with it's non-battary acid taste!

There were SNOCRU gear giveaways (I managed to snag the above oversized t-shirt), a Rockwell watch giveaway, and a live feed that streamed not only ski videos but images shot by the party goers using the SNOCRU app!

The Queen of Hearts photobomb! Image courtesy of SNOCRU.

For more information on SNOCRU, please visit their website. And to keep up with future SNOCRU events, follow them on facebook and twitter.


Forever Fashion said...

Nice pictures!! :)

danielle said...

that lipstick looks amazing on you

Ria said...

Love your lipstick color. You rock the glasses.

Anonymous said...

your heart doesn't seem to be in blogging anymore. I really enjoyed your early posts/first couple years of the blog, please don't get discouraged by the fashion blogging world!!

Shop With Karen said...

Hi hun! I love your choice of lipstick color. What brand and what color, if don't mind sharing!

Be sure to visit to enter our color block bracelet giveaway for your chance to win:-)

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Love this post^^ You have such a great blog!

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