Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Vanity Fair] A colorful outlook in Miu Miu & Zara

Images courtesy of Moni Brahm

Zara beaded necklace, Zara Special Edition T-shirt, Zara Damage Destroyed Shorts, and Miu Miu Glitter-finish Suede Wedge Sandals

Another warm summer day, another Zara outfit. You'd think that I was sponsored by them, but alas, I am not. I wasn't kidding when I said in a prior post that Zara has been absolutely killing it; the proof is in the pudding (or my posts). Zara's Special Edition T-shirt is a wonderful blend of cotton and linen -- breathable, light and ideal for someone constantly on the move. And of course, you recognize the Damage Destroyed Shorts from my last post. They are not only comfortable but look great with a variety of tops. You should expect to see additional posts, in the same shorts until they fall apart; that will be a very sad day indeed.

I need to take a moment and just wax poetic about Miu Miu. I am obsessed with pretty much all things Miu Miu. Sure, I am not the traditional Miu Miu girl -- not terribly girlie and actually have things to do, other than flittering about town --  but I do love the designs. Further, the Glitter-finish Suede Wedge Sandals are quite possibly the most comfortable summer sandals that I've ever owned. I've worn them about two dozen times already and they still look just as magnificent as the first time I removed them from their box. Quality is everything.
And you're in luck my loves: the Miu Miu Glitter-finish Suede Wedge Sandals are on sale! You can purchase them from Net-A-Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue. If your size is unavailable, then you can purchase the same style in patent leather from Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. And if python is more your thing, then see Barney's for a deeply discounted pair. 


sonia de macedo said...

Wow those wedges are seriously amazing! And did you say sale! LOL! TOTALLY on it now!

Have a lovely day
Daring Coco

Maggie ☮ said...

You look summer time fine! Love the necklace.

Ria said...

Those shoes!!! Omg so good. Love the outfit, shoes kill. Why am I so broke. Wah.

Roya said...

I love your style - you leave the typical (and super unpractical) blogger BS behind and dress functionally & fashionably... Like a person who has real shit to do and not just fields to frolic in.

Also I feel you on not being a typical Miu Miu girl, but I too love their stuff. Excited for the day when my bank account allows me to actually own some.

Raquel Zorraquin said...

I'm in love with your shoes, they're just awesome! and the necklace is so cute :)


ZxM Fashion Addicts said...

That is a Zara necklace!!!!!??!!I freakin LOVEEEE IT!!:))You look great!

Render Sublime said...

omg your shoes are ADORABLE! I love these colours on you too xxxx

Anonymous said...

"...and actually have things to do, other than flittering about town."

um, best line ever? keep rocking the Miu Miu, making it your own. besides, id rather be a real person than a flitterer-about-town.

x Peter @

Aleksandra said...

Beautiful sandals !!!
You look great !!!

Clélia said...

Amazing blog !

La Josie said...

Beautiful pictures and I like your style and outfits ! Maybe we can follow each other if you want it ! xx

Anonymous said...

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