The Friend Files: Annie, Get Your Gun

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Meet: Anne
Nicknames: Annie (for the first month of our friendship, I thought this was her name! She never once corrected me. Soo sweet).
Your look: broke, but fabulous nerd
Check me out: I am in like with me

Quote: "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom." - William Blake

What is in: over-the-knee boots (ugh pricey), strong shoulders (yes! bring back the pads), round (sun)glasses, black (always)

What is out: label-whores (it's called a Recession!), nurave/neon (i know, i have trouble letting go too), uggs & crocs (even though my mom gave me an INDOOR pair which i may wear from time to time)

Obsessing over: hmm i cant pick, how about my blog?

Wrist-less: the same Cynthia Rowley watch for 10 years, Dirty Librarian Chains (SUCH a good deal), anything Chrome Hearts (for the inner rock star)

Favorite pair: thrift shop pairs - can't decide between a pair of pumps with a keith-haring-like b&w print OR a pair of brogued, BLUE oxfords (a la these kitsune x pierre hardy shoes (but cooler!)

Lust pair: Margiela split-toed shoes -- NOT! YSL caged heels So ready for the warm weather! And always, a pair of Ann Demeulemeester boots... Lifetime Investment.

Everyday bag: an adidas by stella mccartney bag (gift from mom, perfect for work then gym), Rag&Bone "Change is Awesome" tote for the Obama campaign

Lust bag: P.S.1

Make up (daily): none (no one to impress at work)

Made up (evening): Chanel eyeliner, YSL eyeshadow, Shue uemera mascara, laura mercier lip gloss

Going out: cheap monday dark blue skinny jeans, heels i can dance in, latest find in a thrift store

Well - read: just finished Charles Burns' Black Hole (trying out some graphic novels, lol); been working on James Baldwin's Go Tell It On A Mountain for awhile heh; next up Jonah Lehrer's Proust was a Neuroscientist...

Press play: I find it hard to pick favorites so I'll just tell you the last few movies I've seen -- Billy the Kid (the 2007 documentary), In Bruges (colin farrell was actually good, wtf), Happy-go-lucky, Control, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Anyone want to see Valentino the Last Emperor? Oh and everyone go see the first movie in the series curated by my friend Gabe, This is Not A Robbery, at The Tank this Friday. As for music, last shows I LOVED: black lips, wawes, and friendly fires

You gift: books (only if it has personal meaning), magazine subscriptions, cute things from Fred Flare

[picture perfect] I'm on the left (obviously), with Steve from Semi Precious Weapons on the right. I'm wearing a Rogan for Target dress, Jeffrey Campbell multi-strapped ankle boots, black tights, KILL SHOP KILL tote, American Apparel hoodie. I was spending the entire night plotting ways to steal Steve's Hilfiger leather jacket which had ZEBRA PRINT INNER LINING! Supposedly, it was a gift from Andy Hilfiger? It looked pretty great on me. Oh and last but not least, headpiece by PON PON YEH.


julieanne said...

oh ann(i)e, youre more fabulous than i am. LOVE the headpiece ;)

ponbop said...

Headpiece took a good drunken five minutes to make. Its a testament to my inherent artistic mastery. Yes.


hahaha, i love to sleep. Its the best way for me to relax and rejuvenate in the little spare time that i have. I seem to not be getting enough as well. im on the road your on..we'll see !

Love the blog

Alice X said...

i love her headband! it's soo gorgeous.

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