Street Style: New York City

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Summer is finally here, and I, being unemployed, have unfortunate amounts of time! So, having the luxury of the greatest city on earth (in my opinion) right next door, I've decided to start a section called Street Style. Here, I will document some of the wonderful styles and trends I see throughout the country & world. And unlike the editorial magazines, I won't be focusing on "what's hot right now," but rather, what sets apart one fashionista from the next. Who knows, I might spot you!

Spotted: Coco and Hyoni

Originally from Korea, both are enjoying their time in NYC as a student (Coco) and for work (Hyoni).

What struck me most about Coco was her awesome white leather fringe messenger. She said she purchased it from Topshop from one of their celebrity driven collections. I also adored her non - Wayfarer sunglasses. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunglasses, but it is refreshing to see something other than them.

And as for Hyoni, I absolutely loved her paisley print dress. She said that it was vintage, leaving me completely jealous. Cinched at the waist with a leather belt and completed with thong sandals, it is obvious she has a strong sense of personal style.

*And as a side, her hair was absolutely stunning; jet black and pin straight in a simple braid.

Spotted: Laura

While rummaging the racks of the Barney's CoOp in Soho, my friend and I encountered yet another lovely with incredible and seemingly effortless personal style. It was her tulip skirt that caught my friend's eye. She very politely told us that it was from American Apparel (Melange Jersey Pocket Skirt, though I believe her skirt is a different material).

We also drooled over her Phillip Lim Men's oversized print top. And though I am not a personal fan of ombre, the shading works perfectly with the print on the shirt without being overwhelming.

And as for that very nifty wooden necklace she's wearing, she said that it was (of course) thrifted. I personally love the clash of shapes between the ovals of the necklace and the funky geometric shapes in the shirt. Simple yet stunning.


Claudia said...

i like their style so much!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you for making my debut of the red shoes seem well worth the wait (I bought them last year) your comment made me SOAR! ;)


katie d said...

thank you!! your comment was really sweet :)

I love your blog, especially the flannel dress in the last post... soo cute with the sleeveless vest/coat and big sunglasses!


Jesspastry said...

Aw hyoni how cute! , thanks man! I like the way you blog too .

TARA said...

thank's for u'r comment in my blog, keep reading my blog :)

miky said...

love the 2 look !!!

Is This Real Life? said...

Love the first pic, awesome!
Thanks for your comment on my blog too!

Juliet said...

I haven't seen the movie yet. But I will, as soon as I have some spare time. But that part in the coctail party where the Finnish talks to the girl is hysteric. Too fun. :D

You should do more of this kind of street style. Very amusing, right on the edge.

juliet xxx

Pamela said...

hey thanks x the add!
i saw u came to argentina!!!!!!!! love the pictures!!!! really creazy weather!
did u like it? tell me about it!

Pamela said...

I knowwwww! :-( u should come again!!! yayyy!

be valerie said...


Wendy said...

Great idea with the street style documentation! As for the bag, it was a gift so I have no idea where its from.

sara said...

i will be working in the westchester mall. good luck on your interview!! also, you look amazing in that plenty blouse!

. v i c t o r y . said...

hmm swedish? well, every language is uniqe, so that's cool yea. i been living here in sweden my whole life so i speak it fluently
; )
Noo, i rather live in the States, i have to go there someday. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT!

hehe... i actuually posted a translator on my blog now... so you can read my blog now if you like hehe...

anyway thanks for stepping by.. you blog seems pretty interestning so i might leave a commentary every now and then ;)

/ - victory

Ediot said...

great streetstyle photos. about the splatterprint- was there any particular designer? i must have totally missed it..
thanks for visiting me. take care xx

Florence said...

hey thanks for your comment. Ive been looking through your blog and i really like it. Very nice outfits. im one of your followers now :)

pangea said...

Do you thing....


May Kasahara said...

I love all three of them!
coco's pink slip ons are effin GREAT ♥

E said...

I love Laura's blouse so much!

Rebecca said...

is it me or is Laura dressed very... dries-van-noten-esque? x

Florence said...

thank you sooo much. youre very gorgeous yourself!
isnt that option on my site? do you know how can set it up. i didnt even recognize that it was missing. thanks for telling me!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much for replying to my comment.
The huge favour I wanted to ask is...well I found an amazing pair of shoes but the site wont ship to the UK so I wanted to find someone from the US to buy them for me then send them over. Of course I'd pay the money beforehand like into paypal or something.
Thanks again for following :) x

NOELLE said...

Thank you for that compliment!!

You follow me and I'll follow you?

josie(bean) said...

Aw thanks for your comment lady! Sounds like you and your bunny had some great times, I really appreciate you sharing :)

Also your overall blog is way cute!!

Olya said...

Thanks for your cool points! I am indeed a Math student at NYU. Love your blog :) I love the New York street style idea.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

omg you saw hyoni!!
lucky yoouuu! she's so adorable!
and thanks so much for your comment!
i was born in zurich but my parents are both from south korea : )

have a fun friday night~

mi ji

proudly says, said...

good idea on highlighting some folks on the way!
i love laura's outfit!

paola said...

laura look ood! nice

sarah said...

What a great post, and so nice to get a bit of information abut the people that you don't get on the usual street style blogs.

Anne said...

wow, cant believe you met hyoni. if you see daul, i will just die of jealousy!

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