The Beauty in American Skin

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

American RebeL- Persona Magazine Vol 1. from PERSONA MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Persona Magazine recently did a photo shoot with Amber Rose & Co. that retold the story from the film, "This is England" directed and written by Shane Meadows. Meadows' story focused on the day-to-day lives of a group of young skinheads in England during 1983.

[Side: "This is England" is also a song written by The Clash.]

Meadows' film pretty much illustrated what precisely was skinhead "culture," which (believe it or not) was substantially rooted in black culture. Skinhead culture was not initially and/or inherently racist. A subsection of white nationalists later developed their own "skin culture" that focused on the preservation of the white race.

The skins are largely misunderstood because of the grossly inaccurate depictions of their subculture's origins. During the 1960s, it wasn't about race or politics for the skins but rather developing their own sense of fashion, embracing ska and reggae and maintaining a healthy anti-trend stance. I hope this video helps shine a little light on what it really means to be a true skinhead and we can learn to see things for what they really are, kids just being kids.