Real Takk: The Queen of Hearts will not be bought

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
This is an open letter to The Independent's Susie Mesure and her article entitled "Fluff Flies as fashion writers pick a cat fight with fashion bloggers:"

I just want to make one thing clear: The Queen of Hearts will not be bought.

I've been approached and assisted various designers by sharing some of their pieces with my readers not for personal gain but because I genuinely adored the items. I would never allow my blog to be used to "regurgitate press releases," that's boring. The Queen of Hearts does not play Pinocchio to some house Geppetto. And sure, I'm "wide-eyed and obsessed" about fashion just as much as the next fashion blogger but that doesn't mean I'm going to hold my tongue if I don't agree with a house's direction or a collection that looks like it was assembled by a duo from Launch My Line. And if my criticisms prevent me from being invited back in the future, then so be it. I must be true to myself because that is what people come here for, the real me. If you're looking for a puppet with pretty photographs, a winning smile and a seemingly perfect life of nothing to do but wear designer clothes and stay hungry -- feel free to press the back button because that girl does not exist here. I will have fun and I will share it with my readers as honestly as I can. Whether or not that lands me in the front row or standing in the gallows next week doesn't matter to me. I will be the same girl regardless.