Brunch @ The Bryant Park Hotel

Monday, February 15, 2010

There is no better hotel to stay at in New York other than The Bryant Park Hotel. Located in the historic American Radiator Building, the hotel is a combination of both Gothic and modern styles: an amazing compilation of onyx and gold brick facades and a lobby that boasts of red-velvet lined walls. There are park-view suites, some with a private terrace attached and countless amenities that you simply won't find in your standard overnight lodging (i.e. a personal sound machine in each room to help you fall asleep, "entertainment planners" if you're interested in 'wak[ing] up in the morning and feeling like P. Diddy' and a bedside one-touch privacy button when you do not wish to be disturbed). Sounds grand, doesn't it? Well it gets better: the latest addition to the hotel, Koi, was to be Lauren and I's brunch stop before a busy day. Koi is a branch of the original Los Angeles Asian-inspired eatery; a favorite of all fashionistas and socialites.

And before you ask, yes the food was amazing. We had the soft shell crab, rainbow roll, creamy rock shrimp and miso bronzed black cod. Deliciously fun times.