London Calling @ Tim Hamilton Men's Fall 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I wasn't invited but I decided to crash anyway. On our way out of the Jeremy Laing Presentation inside of the famed Milk Studios, Lauren and I decided to quickly pop into Tim Hamilton's Presentation down the hall. In the center of a massive warehouse space stood about a dozen male models on a black platform, in front of a massively lit sphere. This forced us to move closer to get a better look at the clothes, genius if you're trying to get people to pay attention to the details. And so I did. Hamilton is primarily known for his fine tailoring, bringing a level of craftsmanship to men's streetwear that was previously just not done (or done very well). The Fall 2010 men's collection blurs the line between the abstract and the concrete: drop-crotch skinny pants, asymmetrical seams in sweaters and jackets, Doc Marten-esque footwear, tapered, cuffed or tucked  pant hems, windbreaker pants paired with fitted hoodies over-top checkered flannels and sweatpants (yes, sweatpants) fashioned for use beyond the gym. I'd say the London boy has gotten a makeover, while still maintaining his street-cred and integrity.

[Side note: Hamilton is the first American based designer to show during Paris Men's Fashion Week in 2009. I'll say, he's definitely one to watch.]