The City of Angels

Monday, March 22, 2010
L O S A N G E L E S / C A L I F O R N I A

In 9 days, The Queen of Hearts will be heading out west for a couple of days. I'm reaching out to you fabulous people for suggestions on where to EAT, SHOP and (most importantly) PARTY. I've been to California several times but like to treat each trip like something new, so please share with me anything that I you think that I must see. 

Feel free to email me @ diekoniginderherzen@gmail or leave your ideas in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I would love to meet you when you come out this way! Unfortunately I start school back up in 9 days. Have a great time though!
My favorite place to go when I end up in the city is Taste on Melrose for their macaroni and cheese.

The Queen of Hearts said...

:( Bummer! I'd love a blogger meet up! If you happen to wander back into the playground, do let me know. Until then, Taste on Melrose and their mac and cheese, check!

stephanie said...

Have funnn! i have no suggestions cause i've only been like twice :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments! Love your blog. You have such great style and everything on u're blog is very inspiring! I actually live in LA! I'm sure u've already been to the Melrose Flea Market (Trading Post), but that's one of my fav places. Silver Lake has some very cool shops as well. The Pali House is a great place to eat in Hollywood. Or you could check out Cube--another great place. If you're semi-spiritual you should check out the Self Realization Shrine. It's a beautiful place in the Pacific Palisades. It's great for pictures. You should def check it out. Let me know when u're in LA-- maybe we could have a shopping extravaganza!



Vinda Sonata said...

have fun girl! and that's a gorgeous outfit snapshot. the jacket closely resembles one from rick owens ;)

Hannah said...

Ohh I miss California... Perfect time of year to go to, I'd probably avoid it in the summer!

Elaqua said...

i just saw your comment on my blog.
glad you like my blog name. your blog is great


snoblak said...

Don't worry it's more a social habit and I was doing it for a Grace Jones effect :)

And enjoy Cali. I've only been there once so I am not familiar. I'd say eat at the Ivy and rub shoulders with A listers..LOL. But I bet it's nice and sunny. Enjoy!

InnyVinny said...

We're going to the Edison. We're drinking. WHAM. There it is.


The Queen of Hearts said...

@ InnyVinny -- I can't wait, can't wait!

Dubai's it girl said...

Half my family lives in Cali. I practically go every summer. Make sure you hit up the Swap meets. You can find some really good stuff, if you have the time to go through everything. Also, LA has great vintage shops. Try those as well.

I hope you have a great time and take lots of pics for us!

Tc, Nia B

Neekoh said...

Ooh, I live here! Haha :D I have lots of suggestions for you, but before I delve into those, a quick comment on how adorable you are. Really diggin' the blog!

Alright, here we go:

1. My favorite things to do on weekends is brunch (Joan's on Third, Kings Road Cafe, Urth Cafe), followed by some flea marketing (Melrose Trading Post on Sundays) or vintage shopping (Jet Rag dollar sales on Sundays).

2. Bars/lounges/clubs - Bazaar at the SLS hotel, Edison (I saw mentioned above), Drai's at the W Hotel, Playhouse

3. Shopping: Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade, Beverly Center, The Grove, Rodeo (high-end but worth checking out for people watching), the shops on Melrose.

Ahh, if you want more, feel free to email me:

lisa said...

Have fun in LA!

The Jazzy Belle said...

I'm really glad you commented on my blog.. thanks for checking it out. Yours looks really cool! I'm adding it to my list of daily checks! :) I've only been to LA once to visit a friend.. but am going back soon! My only suggestion is a mid-afternoon snack of yogurt at Pink Berry! It will fill you up too. Have a blast on the trip!

Erin said...

Wish I could offer advice but to be honest I'm so crap at geography I can't even remember what states are on the West Coast of America (wow thats a scary thought)...FABULOUS blog though absolutley love all your posts :) The following begins here...!

Love love love,



U-NI-TY said...

You have a nice blog =). Unfortunately for your request, we don't really know where you could go, but if one day you come to Paris, we could tell you what to do! Enjoy your trip!

U-NI-TY said...

You have a nice blog =). Unfortunately for your request, we don't really know where you could go, but if one day you come to Paris, we could tell you what to do! Enjoy your trip!

Maria Tavares said...

That's THE jacket ;D

EBoogie said...

ooooooooo I see lots of Melrose suggestions here, so keeping with the theme, eat up at LALA's Grill, 7229 Melrose. Get anything off the menu, I swear it's all delish!

Anonymous said...

What designer makes that jacket? It is fantastic!!! Please let me know, I'm in LOVE!!! xoxo

The Queen of Hearts said...

The leather jacket is by Mike & Chris. The hood that I am wearing underneath which is not attached to the leather jacket is by Rugby. I actually wasn't sure if I liked the leather all that much but it has grown on me.

Jamie said...

If you love the beach try Manhattan Beach instead of Santa Monica. It's smaller and more quaint. I live down here and it's really beautiful! ;)

Anonymous said...

Too bad you're probably not still out here in Cali when I just discovered your blog! Next time you make a trip this way, go to Laa Laa's in Hollywood for food. Pinkberry for dessert. Or Porto's Bakery in North Hollywood for cheap delicious food & desserts.

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