Dreams don't always come shoe: The Clog Edition

Monday, March 22, 2010
 Image courtesy of Style

I think the last time that I wore a pair of clogs, I was in high school. I remember being so intensely in love with them [cue the undulating fabric of time for my shoe flashback] They were a heather gray flannel upper, with brass studs connecting the upper to the solid, chocolate rich wood sole. They were wedge clogs that I purchased from J. Crew, one of my favorite high school shopping haunts. I would wear them in the 14 inches of snow that we'd have during the winters and again during the showers of April. I walked 3 miles in them daily, to-and-from the train station in my town to my house. I literally wore those shoes until the rubber soles wore off and continued to wear them, wearing down the wood to splinters. [cue again the undulating fabric of time bringing us back to reality]

However, I am not so sure that I am willing to resurrect, for me, the passion of the clog. Some styles are better left in the tomb.

 Images courtesy of Olsens Anonymous and Mystyle.com

The fashion forecast for spring 2010 is inundated with clogs thanks to the likes of Mary - Kate and Ashley Olsen, oh, and Chanel's Spring 2010 collection. From the classic to the crazy, there's a sole-satisfaction for everyone. Everyone but me. And though there was a time in my life when I, too, indulged in le clog, I prefer to let it remain that way -- an undulating fabric of time shoe flashback

What say you? Are you girls feeling the return of the clog?


joana said...

i like how alexa chung wears them, it's amazing. zara has a great collection now, for a wonderful price

Rianna Bethany said...

I think some people can really pull the clogg off and others can't! if you can the why not!
Rianna Bethany xxx

InnyVinny said...

They scared me then, they still scare me now.

But I did get a $6 pair just in case I had the urge to delve into the dark side.

Dubai's it girl said...

My grandmother wore those things all the time. I love fashion, but I am not sure if I can go there! But I am open to try maybe once! We'll see how long the clog phase lasts.

Tc, Nia B

Martha said...

I am completely hating this clog thing. I remember wearing them back in the 90s and they were uncomfortable then! I can't imagine how they must be now. But i will most definately not be jumping on this bandwagon <3

The Jazzy Belle said...

I decided to talk about my platform espadrilles on your shoe post! I am excited about the return of clogs.. I've already busted out my old pair of suede ones from a few years back and bought a fun new pair! back to my espadrilles tho.. I'm in LOVE too! I've been dying to wear them and it's been a bit too cold. Last week I couldn't take it anymore.. They had to be worn. I got them for a ridiculously amazing price at the BCBG outlet in Orlando. They're Herve Leger and they were seriously a STEAL! Thanks for the compliments :)

CoocooforCoco said...

They look great when you have nice long legs...but I'm so short I'm afraid that I'll just look like a child. I like them though. They might be worth an investment, but I'd rather spend my money on some red t-strap wedged sandals.

Ezra said...

I say they should stay in the past!
Well...Actually, It depends clogs come in so many different shapes and types.

Anonymous said...

i loathe clogs.

i think its because a long time ago at my job a really OLD and scary manager wore clogs all the time (she looked rediculous) and ever since them i can't stand the sight of clogs.

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