Show me your TEETH.

Monday, March 22, 2010
Generally speaking, I've never been big on accessories. I wasn't a diamond-bitch or someone who amassed an obscene amount of accouterments for the standard girl's wardrobe. However, these last few years, I've slowly accumulated a few pieces that I consider to be the "teeth" of my looks. I've seen quite a few bloggers with extensive accessories collections, from rings on their fingers to bells on their toes. I'd consider the following images some of my "baby teeth" -- just enough to make a decent showing of what I've got and hopefully, what I stand to obtain over time. Currently: I am in desperate need of necklaces and rings.

[clockwise from the top] Dita Wonderlust Sunglasses, Vita Snakeskin Bangles, CC Skye Buckle Bracelet, Gorjana Rings, vintage large-stone ring & bracelet and Michael Kors Chronograph Watch.

Does anyone know what stone this is on the ring? It's pretty heavy and is quite beautiful in person.  My guess: purple sapphire. 

 Pearl necklace w/ 14K heart clasp, headbands from J.Crew and Dita Supa Dupa Sunglasses.