Tuesday, April 13, 2010
An open letter to Anonymous
Yesterday at 8:43pm, an anonymous commenter left the following on my "Fresh Look / Fresh Face" post: 

I wish you the best with your modeling aspirations.
However, it doesn't appear that you have the ideal body or unique look that modeling scouts desire in their finds.
In any case, what aspect of you would be fulfilled in a modeling career?
A simple observation would suggest that someone with your talents and intelligence would be quite bored modeling clothes. 

Dear Anonymous,

First, I'd like to thank you for your comment as I appreciate each and every single comment that is left on my blog. Anyone who takes the time out to leave a message for me, deserves my appreciation and gratitude, so again, thank you. However, you've raised some points of interest, significant enough for me to feel that they warrant a proper blog post [and here it is]. I've been working on a motion for hours and thus, mentally spent so please forgive and accept my response format to your comment.

I wish you the best with your modeling aspirations.
Why thank you! Unfortunately, I'm afraid I don't have any modeling aspirations. If you recall in my post, my desire was to represent my readers -- the "normal" girls like myself. I don't believe at any point and time on this blog or otherwise, that I maintained any modeling aspirations. 

However, it doesn't appear that you have the ideal body or unique look that modeling scouts desire in their finds.
It is pretty obvious that I am more than happy with my body and look [Exhibit A: my blog]. Whether or not a modeling scout is/isn't is of little concern to me. Like I mentioned before, my submission for the contest wasn't in the faint hope of becoming AmericasNextTopModelfromCycleIdon'tfuckingknow but rather, to show that there are girls out there, like myself, who warrant representation. If I am selected, then that is what I intend on doing -- representing! I'm healthy, in great shape and don't look like anyone else on this planet -- I believe this is what the contest is looking for, girls like myself who don't perpetuate the skewed standard of beauty that your comment seems to suggest. 

In any case, what aspect of you would be fulfilled in a modeling career?
Since I am not seeking a modeling career, coupled with the aforementioned responses, there is no need for me to address this question any further. 

A simple observation would suggest that someone with your talents and intelligence would be quite bored modeling clothes.
You've got a backhand that would put Serena Williams to shame. What exactly do you know of my "talents" and "intelligence?" I don't think I've mentioned (at least not in recent months) what exactly it is that I do, so I am quite curious about your simple observation. Furthermore, what if I wanted to attempt a modeling career with my "talents" and "intelligence?" If I'm on the pursuit of happiness [to be frank] then whatsittoyou?

In sum: I'm not a model. I'm not trying to become a model. I just entered a contest to represent my readers and the remainder of the world that is not the industry standard. I may win. I may not win. Regardless of the outcome of the contest, I am going to continue blogging and being me and representing girls like myself, irrespective of the approval/disapproval of others. 

The Queen of Hearts, over and out.


Anonymous said...

all hail the queen!

Janelle Z. said...

great post! i hope one day we can meet in real life. that was very well said. empowering, but overall, tactful. very nice.

WendyB said...

Peeps just spew out crazy shizz on the Internet, don't they!

The Style Hive said...

You go girl!

OooKellyNicky said...

Do your thang!

my blog: La Stylin Girraffe!

MISST84 said...

Great responses!!

Anonymous said...

What a freak! Some people are so rude and plain stupid, it's mind-blowing. You have a fantastic body and I love your style and since when does having a blog make the blogger a model wanna-be? I don't think so. That's why so many people gravitate to blogs, because they see what real people are wearing/doing.

You probably have it already, but statcounter.com is a great way to keep tabs on all of the traffic on your blog, it's fun to see the repeat "anonymous' posters, gives you IP addresses, cities etc of all of your visitors...at least if offers you a bit more protection or peace of mind.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

Girl DO YOU. I always see "Anonymous" comments the same as simple-minded people; they are NOT to be taken seriously....and I don't even borther to respond! I realize those people just want to provoke any type of response...even if it's NO MORE than to tell them to SHUT UP. DOn't worry about it. The fashion industry has many avenues, faces and character....fashion is NOT about appearance (as people LOVE to point out) but rather an expression inwhich YOU choose to carry.

#ontothenextone @ these folk. Have a fab day :)

♥B said...

perfectly said.

loves it!


snoblak said...

Amen !!! People can really be nasty under an Anonymous quote.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

What a lovely post; very honest and written with the heart in the right place. xx

Allie said...

Pretty much all negative Anonymous commenters need to hide because they're so damn insecure. You go girl!

Maggie ☮ said...

lol I wonder if that was someone from the contest pretending to ask a question lol :o smh

princesspolitico said...

such a stupid comment... why would anyone even waste the time to write someone if you're not going to stand by your name? great response.


bestmich said...

What a dumb comment. "Industry standard" models are rail-thin and tall, and you are neither. Such wonderful insight by Anonymous. You are beautiful and DO have a unique look and style. Keep being awesome.

Ligeia said...

You go girl!!!


EBoogie said...

PERFECT response girl. so tactful and poised ... are you in PR?!!!

misss_e said...


khelsaoe said...

I knew I liked you. Wink. I think you're gorgeous and I love the Fresh Look entry that you did. Bravo is right!

Stuti said...

Oh, wow. If people have issues with someone who looks like you do, I do not want to know where they will stop.
It makes me sick to think about how misogynist this comment was.
And, well said. Why the hell do we all have to bend to the pressure of looking exactly like everyone else?

The CultureCynic said...

Snapps Snaps!! i appreciate your spirit and 'dontgiveafuckness' it is a refreshing perspective in this new era of 'kissassness' and 'peoplepleasing'.people worry so much about what the rest of the world thinks about them so they dilute who they are by making stupid aplogies for the way they live their life. i love the confidence, i love the outspokeness, i commend that part of your spirit that simply refuses to give a fuck. Rock on Queen Rock on!

Anonymous said...

wow! this entire post gave me EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE IT!

Neha said...

i just stumbled upon your blog via refinery29. i love this post. you are awesome. carry on.

Josephine said...

You rock so hard

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