Sunday, April 18, 2010
An open letter to


I am currently experiencing "sold out rage" and am wondering if you can help me. You see, I followed the steps in the second email that I received from you concerning your $1 one-year anniversary sale that took place on April 16, 2010

[And no folks, the first email from was NOT about the impending sale (only insiders were privy to advanced notice) but rather a confirmation email that I, the Queen of Hearts, was confirmed for the invitation-only sale.

In this second email (see below) I was instructed to take the following steps in order to "shop smart at the 1st birthday sale:

I read this April 14th email and was fully prepared to do battle for whatever designer piece I could run away. I spent the night of the 15th dreaming about a pair of Christian Louboutin ankle boots or cobalt blue suede Brian Atwood pumps. I slightly hallucinated the steal-of-the-century (for me at least): a Chloe handbag. I even woke up in the middle of the night on the 16th, 5am EST, to check my inbox to see if I'd received any notification of the sale's starting. 

[As this was an invitation-only event, access would only be available through a link sent to all of those who rsvp'd for the April 16th event and maintained sole discretion as to what time said link would be made public.]

Nothing -- so I went back to sleep. I awoke next at 7:45am EST, only to discover the following: 1) I was sent an email at 6:45am EST  alerting me to the beginning of the sale, 2) the sale was completely sold out in less than an hour and 3) I, along with every single person on the west coast and beyond, was PISSED THE F OFF

Really 6:45am on a Friday? How reasonable was it to expect that virtually 80% of the fashion obsessed Americans from the east coast and beyond would be awake at such an ungodly hour? Where was an email explaining to me that I would be expected to forgo a good night's sleep at the chance that I MIGHT walk away from this sale with something worthy of sleep deprivation, assuming of course that your 1) website didn't crash and that 2) the sheer volume of those logging on for the sale wouldn't slow down the browser, preventing me from quickly checking and checking out with my item? 

I'm pretty disappointed with you guys over at, along with possibly thousands of other women around the world. You either didn't account for or didn't care for the vast majority of those of us who would be disenfranchised by your start time --well, except for your United Kingdom fan base, as 6:45am EST is a friendly 11:45am UTC. Interesting. You used to be one of my go-to shopping sites, constantly mentioned in my invitation-only shopping posts but after this fairly egregious shopping debacle, I'm going to take my pennies elsewhere. 

The Queen of Hearts


Maggie ☮ said...

smh I was pretty pissed too but I didn't really stress it.

Dana said...

Nice to know that I'm not the only one who experienced blackout rage on Friday. I reached work at 6:40, turned on my netbook at 6:41, and realized that everything in my size was sold out at around 6:50. Terrible.

InnyVinny said...

I'm glad I missed all of this. I'll save my rage for ebay snipers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! SO happy I wasn't the only one to feel sold-out rage on Friday! I was online at 7:15am totally ready to pick up something exciting...only to realize that everything was sold out. Totally and completely bummed...even had to vent to coworkers about my extreme misfortune about not getting my $1 CL's.... :(


josie(bean) said...

ugh thank you! i was annoyed that they sold out waaay too quick but i much prefer my much needed sleep over a collection i would literally have to fight my way in and out of. i can just imagine going back and trying to browse the best items only to have it sold out by the time i put it in my cart. annoying!

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