Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Accessories: The New Giant Bow

Images courtesy of shopbop
In the new era of fashion minimalism, one concept still remains: oversized accessories. Introducing Eugenia Kims's Ruffled Barrettes. Eugenia Kim is my favorite for quirky classics. Kim basically altered the millinery world with her innovative shapes and luxurious fabrics. And as usual, Kim has her finger on the pulse, with these very Gossip Girl friendly barrettes. I anticipate a sea of Manhattanites donning one of these ferocious beauties. Headbands are definitely a commodity of the past; the future appears to be bold and ruffled. 

To check out more from Eugenia Kim, go to her website here.


Violet said...

i love the first and the last bow

Vi from Cali

R. Gratz said...

I think this is pretty gnarly! A lil raggedy anne kind of bows are pretty awesome. A lil deconstruction would be epic as well. Rock on.