Sunday, November 6, 2011

[Indian Summer] Wildfox The Lovesick Cowgirl

I received that playful fringe hood tee in the gift bag from the Wildfox Couture presentation and afterparty during the recent NYFW. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off. I've always envisioned the Wildfox girl as some wayward waif with golden locks and sparkling eyes. It's nice to know that a brand like Wildfox can be embraced by regular girls you and me. You'll definitely catch me sporting more of their pieces in time. Fashion fantasy is finally starting to meet reality.


black panther said...


EuSouPerlinha said...

Thanks for the lovely comment doll. I absolutely love your posts. You have a great sense of style I am following you now :)

PS, the blazer on your last post is bangin'! Gotta love H&M.


InnyVinny said...


Rocket Fashionista said...

The fringing details are amazing! x

Lidiya said...

I love the combination of the fringed tee with the boots <3

Joanna S. said...

great pic . great set .
i love your shoes !!

Galaxia said...

I am into the fringe!

I hope you're doing well!

Want to let you know I've moved from Beauty and a Budget to
Please follow there!


Belle de Couture said...

Hey!! I love your style girl... so fun and UNIQUE (very refreshing)! Lovin' those A.Wang booties... been drooling over them since they first came out!

I have to tell you that your comment really stood out to me and warmed my heart! I always hope that my style is inspirational and approachable to the majority of women that visit my blog... so it was really sweet of you to say that I was "girl next door" ish... I appreciate it very much!

Hope to see you around again!


Kiksy said...

You look amazing!!


Sing said...

Really cool sweatshirt.

Vanessa said...

That tee is siiiick. Love it.

Jan said...

I love Wildfox,
every time they get it done,
making some perfect items!
This one is great as well!

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