Sunday, November 6, 2011

[Reality Bites] Camilla and Marc Equinox Frock Dress

 Image courtesy of

Beautiful, isn't she? I fell in love with Camilla and Marc's Equinox Frock Dress in Glacier sometime last week, while randomly browsing the internet. The Equinox Frock Dress was from the Camilla and Marc Spring 2011 Collection and on sale at Saks. Unfortunately, Saks was down to a size 10 (which I contemplated purchasing and having altered for a few days). So I did what any obsessive person would do, I emailed pretty much every retail outlet that carried the out-of-season dress in the vain hope of finding it. And I did. 

The Armadale Boutique in Melbourne, Australia carried the dress and what's more, the last size was my size. You can image my delight when I read that news. You can also image my displeasure when the dress was being offered to me nearly double what it was here in the United States. My heart sank. I exchanged emails with sales representatives about price-matching (vain hope, yet again) but was denied. So I accepted that the dress wasn't meant to be mine, a very bitter pill for an obsessive person to swallow. And I was okay with it, until I came across this advertisement,

 Image courtesy of Camilla and Marc

Why, that's my dress and it's headed to a sample sale nearest you, if you're in Melbourne, Australia. So, I basically felt as though the salesperson was only taking advantage of my want for the dress and let's be frank, my American dollars. I've worked in retail before, so I understand the desire to want to sell something for a higher price-point if possible. I'm just disappointed with the customer service. I know I can't have it all, but a little kindness never killed anyone. Nevertheless, I still love the dress and will keep my eyes peeled.


Anonymous said...

That dress is friggin amazing...but jeeshhh its expensive... -only if i were rich-

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