Monday, December 12, 2011

[Vanity Fair] A Winter Safari in AKA New York

AKA New York Safari Romper (worn as a top), American Apparel Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat, YSL Tribute Platform Pumps, Henri Bendel Bracelet, and Michael Kors Watch.

I absolutely love my AKA New York Safari Romper but wearing a silk onesie during the fall/winter months would be grounds for my committal to an asylum. So, I did what any young woman, desperate to continue wearing her favorite spring/summer piece (within some measure of reason) would do; I layered. I paired the romper with opaque tights and placed a petticoat over-top the bottom half of the romper, concealing the shorts. And as luck would have it, the sleeves on the romper can be adjusted to wrist length. Granted, my look is nowhere near "on trend," but you know I don't care about that. I just care about my romper seeing the light of day before April 2012. 


Bespoke Biddie said...

good call! a romper should totally be year round!


sandraaa_xo said...

hahah I love it :)
the romper is gorgeous, can't wait to see it out in full swing!

MsNana_ said...

i need to get with this layering thing..
though my winter wardrobe is totally my spring/summer one with tight. i seem to always get a cold.
you look good girl and does matter if its on trend lol.. just make it your own (like you have lol)

thanks for visiting 'Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl' lol
I am glad you liked it

Roya said...

Loving the military vibe of the top/romper... Be sure to post the romper in its full glory once it's warm enough!

Rejina Tyson said...

Super cute outfit! I have always loved that AA petticoat! Btw, I really like how you style your looks! Following!

P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving that great comment. Hope you still decided to follow it. ;0)

Martha said...

Gorgeous! I love the addition of a petticoat! <3

LondonILoveYourLook said...

So love the way you wore this American Apparel skirt. It looks great on you!!

p.s.- Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving the comments!!

Ashley said...

Uggghh!!!! You look AMAZING here. I can say no more. ( you are again fabulously wind blown)

duckalicious said...

looking lovely!

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