Friday, June 15, 2012

[Solo en mis suenos] Miu Miu Ready to Wear

Some years back, I realized the importance of investing in functional yet stylish outerwear. Each fall, I would invest in a coat to wear for the fall and winter months. In my current collection, I have coats from Daryl K, Nanette Lepore, Mackage, and Mike & Chris. The trick was (and remains) to purchase the coats during the off season, in order to receive deep discounts. Until recently, I hadn't come across any coats of interest from the past seasons. 

Enter Miu Miu and the above beauties.

I shouldn't have entered the store. I shouldn't have tried on the coats, but I did. And now, I'm infatuated. The fit and cut of both coats were absolutely perfect. I have a strangely small frame with broad shoulders and yet the cut of both the trench coat (which I don't own, odd I know) and the tulip coat flatter. Unfortunately for me, the price points are well beyond my reach. 
So I've decided to create a little section called, "Solo en mis suenos" or "Only in my dreams," because that is where such pieces belong. My birthday is coming up, so maybe someone will surprise me with one (or both?!) as an early birthday present. I mean, what are we without our dreams, right?


sonia de macedo said...

Oooh very, very nice. I'll be sure to cross my fingers and toes for you that you'll get one or two for your birthday too!

Have a great weekend!

Ria said...

Ahhh the Miu Miu love affair.