Thursday, August 2, 2012

[SALE] Barneys Warehouse Sale is now ONLINE

For the first time in history, the Barneys Warehouse Sale is now online! I know, I couldn't believe the news either. Before, you'd only be able to enjoy the benefits (and the burdens) of the Barneys Warehouse Sale by physically going to the rented out space in Flatiron (New York), waiting in an impossibly long line in the sweltering heat (or bitter cold) and then fighting the heathens for the other foot to your size 9 Nicholas Kirkwood (and those women would fight you to the death). However, since 9am EST, you've been able to enjoy perusing the deeply discounted wares from the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home. All you have to do is click on this link, enter your email address and you'll gain immediate access to one of retail's shopping heavens.

Above is a sampling of some of the shoes that I loved from the Barneys Warehouse Sale, available online

Note: the sale is on everything that's traditionally carried at Barneys. I'm just focusing on the footwear because you all know how much I love a good shoe.

All of the above shoes are under $400 USD! Here are some details, starting from the top, left to right: Miu Miu Cutout Wedge Sandal ($399), Miu Miu Cutout Wedge Sandal ($279), Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Pump ($319), Yves Saint Laurent Palais 105 Pump ($319), Chloe Platform Wedge ($379) and Chloe Double Quarter Strap Sandal ($319).

And if you're feeling brave (or want to flex your newly found muscles) then the physical sale will take place from Thursday, August 23rd through Monday, September 3rd at 255 West 17th Street, New York. No matter what you decide, online or the physical sale, don't feel discouraged from purchasing spring/summer. Many of the styles that I've seen can easily transition into fall. Furthermore, you can always put them away for next year, especially the classics. 

Good luck and happy shopping!


Ria said...

So many wishes and dreams. I hate having to be responsible with my money. :(

Ria Michelle said...
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Nowak said...

cool shoes ... like the black wedges most!!

Hanna said...

oh I LOVE the brown Miu Miu ones! amaze!


xo, Hanna

Evelyn said...

Love it! Im going on their website like NOW!

Check out my blog..


Clara Turbay said...

Innovative and beautiful ideas.

Mira said...

Awesome shoes but still pricey :D



amalie said...

ohh cool shoes!

k come karolina said...

great photos! stunning!!!

xoxo from rome