Monday, October 29, 2012

[The Details] Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg Edition 

Images shot by yours truly.

For years I heard about Brooklyn Flea so last weekend, I decided to go. Founded in 2008, Brooklyn Flea is a market that features hundreds of top vendors for antiques, collectibles, re-purposed furniture, vintage clothing as well as a selection of art, crafts and jewelry by local artisans and designers. If you plan on visiting New York City, then I highly recommend you stop by the market. On Saturdays, Brooklyn Flea is located in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. On Sundays, Brooklyn Flea is located in my usual haunt, Williamsburg. I know, I should have shot the fabulous selection of vintage furs, sequins gowns and antique furniture. But of course, I was taken with the patrons. It was a veritable street style show, of epic proportions. Seriously, I thought the patrons were more interested in dressing up and parading about the grounds than actually purchasing the wares! Above were some of my favorite moments, terminating with what I did first: split a delicious pie with my friend Chrissy from Pizzamoto


Maggie Adofo said...

I am swooning over all those jackets, capes etc...


Stefani said...

Love these photos!

Nadja said...

Hahha, that hat with the furry tail is so funny :D You have cool photos in your blog! :)