[THE QUEEN'S CLOTHES] Going for Baroque

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prada Baroque Sunglasses and Equipment Snakeprint Blouse

Above are two of my latest scores while browsing Neiman Marcus' and Bloomingdales' outlets. I am somewhat fickle about outlet shopping. It requires a great deal of patience, especially if the shop is disorganized. However, in light of my recent discoveries, I may make more of an effort to browse the racks with care.

I'm not big on trends; if I like a particular piece, then I will continue to like it well after it is no longer a trend. Case in point: Prada Baroque Sunglasses from Spring/Summer 2011.

Although the runway versions are far more exaggerated, indicative of baroque style, the above embellishments will do. This summer, I predict the return of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and other minimalist sunglass styles. However, I will thoroughly enjoy standing out from the crowd with my opaque swirls over tortoise. The lesson here: take your time in outlet shops as you never know what you may find. 


WendyB said...

I have those shades! We're twins! You're going to get so many compliments on them.

Ria said...

Still so jelly about those. We are going to look fly this summer.

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